The Facts of Website Development

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The Facts of Website Development

As opposed to living in the past we live in an era where technology is important in our everyday lives. If you don't have a website or some type of design on the web you should think about purchasing one.

Believe it or not in today's society you need a website to practice creating an engaging and efficient user experience. Twelve years ago, companies reached their consumers through trade shows, print advertising, and other traditional marketing methods. Today, people start their research by looking on the Internet and, more specifically, search engines, especially Google. In order to remain competitive, businesses' websites need to be found on the web and in search engines.


Realistically you might have to make a compromise here and there because of the time or expense involved in creating a better solution. The biggest reason your fans experience should matter to you is that it matters to your fans.


Websites are complicated pieces of technology and something funny happens when people have trouble using complicated pieces of technology. if you don't provide your fans with a positive experience , they won't use your site. And without fans all you've got is a dusty web server somewhere, idly waiting to fulfill a request that will never come.


For users who do come, you must set out to provide them with an experience that is coherent, intuitive, and may be even pleasurable - an experience in which everything works the way it should. No matter how the rest of their day has gone.


That's why a Web Content Management System works so well. The elements of your fans experience remain consistent no matter how big your site is. but putting the ideas behind the elements into practice can sometimes seem like a challenge all by itself. it's not just a question of time and resources - it's often a question of mindset.


Building websites in a Web Content Management System has numerous benefits for you and your clients and is the direction in which website design is trending. Many think using a Web Content Management System adds too much complexity or makes a site too expensive however with the appropriate tools it doesn't need to be complex or expensive.


The advantages outlined above provide a basic understanding of why you and for clients should move to building websites in a Web Content Management System. At Sunny Day Online we've helped dozens of clienta make that transition to building powerful, sites in a Web Content Management System. We would be glad to help you make that transition to.


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Mark Alves

Sunny Day Online 

Web Design Consultant & Sales

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